Massage Ideal

Spa Massage with a Flair! 

Massage in Fort Myers, and Naples, FL


Those looking for the best massage in Fort Myers, rely on Wellness Worx of Florida to provide licensed and insured professionals who have trained to provide outstanding massage and have the natural gift of touch.  

Relax in comfort with the security of knowing you'll get the utmost in service at a very reasonable cost.  Your wallet feels economy massage, your body feels luxuriant touch, always fully draped.​ 

Several Options are available, including Couples Massage.
Single Session Option:          $65 / 50 minute nominal hour.
Buy Two Option:                     $125 for two 50 minute sessions, use them anytime.
Club Option:                            $70, your first 50 minute session of the month ...... $60 each the rest of the month.  Couples & family members may combine use of the Club Option.
We track your visits, no coupons needed.
 Opt in or out at any time.
Couples Massage:

Couples Massage

Fort Myers Couples Massage Services

Indulge Yourselves on a Budget.

Couples Massage:
$117 / 80 minute nominal 1½ hour.

One therapist in one room.

Couples Massage:
$130 / 40 minutes.

Two therapists in one room.
​You are welcomed to use our showers.  

Our Naples massage clients will be well rewarded for their short drive to Fort Myers.