Male Massage for Men

Relaxing, fitness oriented bodywork for men
Fort Myers, FL

Why Male Massage for Men?

Historical Precedence

Since ancient times, and until the introduction of Parisian prostitution in the 1880's, male massage was massage, period.

In ancient Greece and Rome, massage was primarily for men, mostly men of wealth and privilege, and massage was performed by men.  

Modern men's health clubs and gyms have massage areas attached to the locker rooms, often with glass windows open to the locker room. 

They are staffed by male massage therapists, who specialize in athletic massage.



Who is the Man?

What's he like?

He is physical, athletic and fitness oriented.
  *    His personal dynamics personify strength of character, great independence, intellect, personality  and engagement.
  *    He seeks satisfaction from a position of strength with modesty and humility.
  *    He wants a masculine massage therapist of like mind. 

He wants to visit a professional office, not a personal dwelling. 
  *    He knows a real professional has a real office.
  *    His male massage therapist is at Wellness Worx of Florida

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In all situations, your male massage will be relaxing, fitness oriented and masculine.

Where Is the Man's World? 

Wellness Worx of


Enter the world of Male Massage at Wellness Worx of Florida- 

  *    A bold masculine bastion, where a man can relax and unwind in comfort,
  *    A bulwark for the strong, unfettered, successful and discriminating man,
  *    A prominent, professional, upscale and masculine atmosphere,
  *    A man's world.

​The term male massage will evoke varied images.

  *    A mental picture of health and fitness club massage: masculine, fitness oriented, massage for men.
  *    A healthy beneficial outlet providing a mental and physical break in a calm, tranquil, safe environment.
  *    Find both at Wellness Worx of Florida.


The Man's Massage-

Relaxing, fitness oriented, masculine.


Today, male massage is a great way for the man, regardless of privilege, who's dynamics include fitness and wellness, to round out a day in his colorful life. Enjoy relaxing, fitness oriented massage for men.


  • Experience the ideal male massage
  • Discover male massage as a wellness regimen
  • Begin a regular masculine massage regimen
  • Tailor your regimen in a predominately male atmosphere.​​

Experience the ideal male massage
  • Begins with Deep Relaxation to prepare for heavier work.
  • Emphasizes Muscular Manipulation to work out the kinks from active, sports oriented leisure-time activities,
  • Provides ROM and Stretching to tame a hectic and stressful professional or work life  style,
  • Ends in Deep Relaxation to relieve life challenges from family, financial and other stressors. 
Discover male massage as a wellness regimen
  • Tames stress regardless of its' cause,
  • Provides stimulation and relieves the stagnation of both overwork and boredom,
  • Relieves age related aches and pains,
  • Sooths sadness and depression from life changing events,
  • Provides a fulcrum for balancing work and rest.​
Begin a regular masculine massage regimen
  • Try our signature eclectic massage, a fantastic blend for restoring overall wellbeing.
  •  Chose one of our other massage types: relaxation, deep tissue or sports massage. 
Tailor your regimen in a predominantly male atmosphere
  • Package massage with our fitness program: take some time just for you and get in shape.
  • Express your precise specifications, from pampering to an exhilarating handling. 
  • Convey your massage needs for any particular visit, as needs can change from one session to another. 

In all situations, your male massage will be relaxing, fitness oriented and masculine. 
BTW, massage couples are always welcome.  For more information on couples massage see the navigation bar: Massage for Women and Couples.

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