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Fort Myers, Florida

For Real Value Massage, Enjoy our Fort Myers Massage Specials

In our crazy world economy, where there never seems to be enough money for recreational spending, taking advantage of special massage prices can be a boon to the pocket book.

  • Catching specials before they expire.
  • Clipping coupons.
Still, who doesn't like to save money on massage?

We have an easy solution.

  *   Monthly Specials:   Every month, we post monthly savings specials right here on our website.  We include our most popular massage offerings, including our economy massage, Massage Ideal®, and our most popular massage, the Worx massage.

  *  Professional Courtesy Discount : If you don't see your favorite massage on sale, simply use our "Professional Courtesy Discount Certificate".  You may use it once a month on the massage of your choice.  Just download from the "Magic Button" and print it.  If you're not near a printer, just mention the discount when you make your appointment, and we'll print one out for you.  Savings are from $5 to $20.

  *   Military Appreciation Discount:  Active duty and reserve military personnel, present your military ID and enjoy a discount from $5 to $20.  The once a month limit does not apply; you may use the massage discount as many times in a month as you like.  Immediate family members may also participate.

  Hardship Military Discount : Military personnel (active or retired) who need therapeutic work due to military related injury, and who find themselves unable to pay the usual fees, ask to speak with Ron.  Our Vets should not go without.

We hope you find these savings on massage helpful!  Enjoy!


January Special Savings

Massage Ideal® ​​
      50 Minutes                                                  $55.00     Reg.  $65 ​​

The Worx Massage
       50 Minutes                                                  $70.00     Reg. $85

The Worx Plus Massage
       60 Minutes                                                  $95.00     Reg. $120 
Massage Ideal® Couples Massage
      80 Minutes, w/One Therapist                   $59.00     Reg. $117

The Worx Couples Massage
        60 Minutes, w/One Therapist                 $75.00    Reg. $100
        90 Minutes, w/One Therapist                 $95.00    Reg. $140
       110 Minutes, w/One Therapist                $125.00    Reg. $180

Sweetheart Couples Special, Saturdays Only 
        90 Minutes, w/One Therapist                $85.00   Reg. $120

 Not usable with any other special offers OR the Professional Courtesy Discount.​​​​​​

Professional Courtesy Discount Certificate: 

$20 off any 60 minute Signature Massage, or

$15 off any 50 minute Signature Massage,  or
$10 off any Custom Massage, or

$5 off any Worx Massage

Open (download) the PDF, print certificate, and bring with you to your next visit.  Print and use this discount once a month. Enjoy!.

Not close to a printer?  Not a problem!  When you make your appointment, ask to have one printed for you.  It will be ready when you arrive.

Military Appreciation Discount: 

Active Duty and Reserve Military

 Present your military ID and enjoy
$5 off any Worx Massage, or
$10 off any Basic Massage, or
​$15 off any 50 minute signature Massage, or
$20 off any 60 minute Signature Massage, 

Anytime and as often as you like. 
Immediate family members may participate.