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Fort Myers, Florida

Become your best by learning from the best.

Areas of Interest:

  • Wellness is a way of life.
  • Good health and positive outlook reign.
  • Looks are good, attitude and personal power are better.
  • Stand out through a smashing self-image.
  • Learn to exercise safely and efficiently from a pro.  

Personal training is more than a catch-phrase at Wellness Worx of Florida. 

For me, wellness is a way of life, even survival, because without a continuous regimen of exercise, I lose my edge, my focus, my clarity, my zest and my ability to function physically, mentally and emotionally at an acceptable level, and most of all…I lose my good health! 

Who wants to stumble through life sick and tired in a cloudy haze?  Not me!  My name is Ron Alexander, I'm a personal trainer, and I'm your host at Wellness Worx of Florida.

Although I do care about how my body looks and its ability to minimize the effects of aging, such as wrinkled and sagging skin, I'm much more concerned about how I feel, my general level of health and my overall outlook.

Perhaps this is why I was never the first person to be noticed for my good looks.  I was more likely to be noticed on the second glance around for my muscular legs and handsome hands.  With continued glance there would be notice the rest of me was not bad either.  

This is all fine, but it's just food for the ego, and I learned early on, modesty and humility rank high on the approval scale, particularly self-approval.

Now let's talk outlook: this I was noticed for, and right up front.  Through our positive outlook, we project our real self-image, we display our confidence and can-do approach to life, and present our personal power. 

Not that success is always guaranteed, but the ability to step out and try is always a given when you have the energy and drive from positive self-image.  Exercise, with all its many benefits, will help you build and maintain an energetic, killer outlook and self-image.

When people go past just looks, sex appeal and sensual hora, and go into the depth of conversation, you want to be that person of whom people ask: "just what is it about you?  You're more than smart, you're more than polished, and you're more than most.  There is an undefinable something that makes you tick." 

As Margret Hot Lips Houlihan said: "He has that curtain 'je ne sais quoi'," not implying that I care a hoot about the snoot in snooty.  I do care about standing as tall as I can.  I'd be a shorty without my exercise.  (If you're wondering about my size, I'm 5'10" and 175 pounds with a max attitude.)

I'm also a personal trainer and licensed massage therapist.  If you would like to learn how to exercise safely and efficiently to obtain respectable results, and acquire more personal power, I'd be happy to share my knowledge with you, as above all, I'm a great teacher.

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Glossarial Note:   
Several terms are often used to refer to personal training or personal trainers, and may appear in similar usage: fitness training, fitness trainer, workout training, workout trainers, strength training, strength trainers, weight training, weight trainers, exercise training, exercise trainers, wellness training, wellness trainers, and physical training, physical trainers. 

Similarly, gyms are also fitness centers, wellness centers and workout studios.